Globus: Epicon

album cover for globus: epicon

Produced by Imperativa Records, an offshoot of Immediate Music, Globus: Epicon is an “epic rock” hybrid of film trailers with added rock band and solo vocals. Epic is definitely the word!

The CD is available for purchase from Imperativa or on or

The Purcell Singers feature on about half of the tracks in Globus: Epicon, Trailerhead and Trailerhead: Saga. Trivia fans may be interested to know that the choir in Imperativa’s Excelsius CD, featuring music by Larry Groupé, is not The Purcell Singers, but it was conducted by Mark Ford...

Classical Evolutions 1

album cover for Classical Evolutions 1

Classical Evolutions is the sound of classical music evolved.

The CDs are a collection of exceptional and sophisticated works which draw inspiration from and pay homage to some of the greatest composers from the Baroque and Classical periods, such as Purcell, Handel, Bach and Vivaldi. The tracks range from dramatic, proud, rousing anthems to expressive, romantic and heartfelt themes.

The works were recorded at Angel Studios and feature performances by some of Britain’s top musicians with a forty-five-piece orchestra, virtuosic solo violin and a sixty-voice choir.

Classical Evolutions 2

album cover for classical evolutions 2

The partner disc to volume 1, Classical Evolutions 2 brings a further selection of jubilant, dramatic, grand and inspiring classical music evolved.

Abbey Road

album cover for abbey road

A collection of dramatic themes for choir and orchestra from leading movie trailer specialists Immediate Music.

If the samples below sound familiar, that’s because you will have heard them pounding away under the trailers for films such as War of the Worlds and The Da Vinci Code.

Eton Path

album cover for eton path

This CD contains a total of 25 trailer tracks in a variety of different styles. The clips below include Gloriana, which can be heard in Night at the Museum 2 during the climactic fight scene!

The tracks are available to purchase from iTunes in the UK or iTunes in the US as well as and


Extreme Music logo

More high octane film trailer recordings, this time produced by the aptly-named Extreme Music! Listen to the samples below to experience Scoregasm for yourself!

Air Lyndhurst

album cover for air lyndhurst

A smaller CD of 12 contrasting trailer tracks, recorded at George Martin’s famous Air Studios in Hampstead, produced by Corner Stone Cues.

These are again available to purchase from iTunes UK, iTunes in the US,, or

The Holliston Stops: Lyndhurst Rd

album cover for the holliston stops: lyndhurst rd.

Recorded at Air Studios in 2007, this CD is a psychedelic, Beatles-inspired album from Californian band The Holliston Stops, featuring Jaymee Carpenter and the band with backing from full orchestra and chorus.

Listen to samples below or buy any or all of the 33 tracks from iTunes UK, iTunes US,, or


Metamorphosis 3

album cover for metamorphosis 3

The first of two albums from leading licensing library KPM exploring the metamorphosis of operatic and classical sounds into progressive re-mixes. These tracks may be familiar to you as they have been heard extensively on British television and radio.

Metamorphosis 4

album cover for metamorphosis 4.

Following the success of Metamorphosis 3, this is a second collection of “crossover” tracks for commercial use, featuring emotional arias and uplifting anthems.

Christmas Carols

album cover for christmas carols.

Another commercial CD for KPM, this features an unparalleled collection of traditional carols and seasonal songs from Great Britain, Eire, the USA, France and Germany in new arrangements for choir and organ. The disc includes both well-loved favourites and lesser known works, and three tracks feature the baritone Stephen Varcoe as soloist.